Quicker & reliable money transfer

We provide fast and reliable remittance solution to different locations in the world

Why us ?


Our transfer services are readily available


Our systems use state of the art technology to safe guard your transfers


Your data is in safe hands


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Our Services

Amal Express gives a reliable and convenient way of transfereing your money to your beneficiaries

Send Money

Send cash to multiple locations for pickup

Cash Pickup

Receive cash from multiple locations around the world

Bank transfer

Send your transfer securely to bank accounts

Mobile Cash

Transfer your money to mobile money wallets

Currency Exchange

Get Currency exchange services at competitive rates

Who Are We?

A remittance company that gives you a reliable and fast transfer solution for your family and business needs.

Amal Express is an international remittance company that
provides efficient and speedy services to customers around the world to send remittances to world wide destinations through an efficient network of its branches and business
alliances world-wide

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